When a death occurs, one phone call to us is all that is necessary and we will handle everything else.  Depending upon the location of and the circumstances surrounding the death, we will know what steps are necessary in obtaining the proper authorization to transfer the deceased to our facility and to begin serving the family.  In addition to assisting the family with service arrangements, we will create and file all necessary legal documents and permits.  All of these activities are included in our professional service fees.  If the death occurs in a hospital, nursing home or other care facility, the next of kin will need to have the facility call us when they are ready for us to transfer the deceased to our establishment.  If the death occurs at a private residence, the next of kin may contact us immediately and we can determine the next steps to take.

*Please note that Virginia law requires the funeral director to obtain permission for cremation from all living family members that are of equal degree of next of kin.  The funeral director can further explain this need.

Some items needed at the arrangement conference:

  1. Decedent’s full name and home street address
  2. Date,  place and time of death
  3. Date and place of birth
  4. Social security number
  5. Highest level of education completed
  6. Father’s name
  7. Mother’s maiden name
  8. Spouse’s name if applicable
  9. Occupation of deceased
  10. Veteran’s information if applicable (copy of discharge)
  11. Names of immediate family members if an obituary is desired
  12. Other obituary biographical information and/or photo if desired
  13. Information about place of burial if applicable
  14. Attending physician’s name and/or location
  15. Desired newspapers for obituary
  16. Name and phone number of clergy for service
  17. Clothing for deceased if applicable
  18. Music requests and/or photos, etc. for services



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Michael R. Phelps
Owner/General Manager
Funeral Director

Travis L. Nesselrodt
Operations Manager
Funeral Director
Monument Consultant

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